Wireless early-warning broadcasting

The product series adopts high performance industrial level 16/32 bit communication processor and embedded real time operating system as software support platform.Remote phone alarm (also supports mobile phone, fixed phone and PHS Short Message),synthetic voice alarm, data transfer GPRS voice alarm, vehicle /FM FM network alarm, intercom wireless local alarm, local microphone alarm propaganda, preset information to speech warning alarm, preset MP3 audio, audio line input alarm.


 Wireless early-warning broadcasting
details :

  •  Industrial application design
    1.  High performance industrial level wireless module.
    2.  High performance industrial level 32 bit communication processor.
    3.  Low power design, supporting multilevel sleep and wake-up modes to minimize power consumption.
    4.  Support for charge and discharge management and overshoot / overplay protection.
    5.  Support the power drop detection and report.
  •   Stable and Reliable.
    1.  WDT watchdog design to ensure the stability of the system.
    2.  Use a complete anti – drop mechanism to ensure that the terminal is always online.
    3.  Overvoltage over current protection of power supply.
    4.  Communication interface surge protection.
    5.  SIM/UIM card interface built-in 15KV ESD protection.
  •  Standard easy to use.
    1.  The use of standard interfaces is especially suitable for industrial field applications.
    2.  An intelligent terminal that can enter a working state with electricity.
    3.  Supporting serial port configuration, management and maintenance.
    4.  Support remote configuration, management and maintenance.
    5.  Support device status automatic reporting function.