Water Quality Sensor

The instrument has the characteristics of safety, cleanness, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, convenient installation and maintenance, and is applicable to various fields such as acid,alkali, salt, anti-corrosion and high




 Water Quality Sensor Details :

  •  RD-UF-001 Flow Meter is used to record flows in pipes, channels and small streams and operates in a wide range

    of water qualities from fresh streams toprimary sewage channels .

  •  RD-UF-001 Flow Meter consists of flow calculator, integrated transducer to measure velocity and level at the
    same time.
  •   The flow calculatorcan display the velocity, level, flow rate and flow totalizer.
  •  It can be available with 4-20mA, RS485(Modbus)/GPRS and SD card logger outputs. It can record dataof flow

    rate and total flow with a SD card up to 16GB..

  •  The flow calculator can calculate the cross-sectional area of partially filled pipe, open channel stream or river, for

    stream or river, it can input up to 20 coordinate points describing the river’s shape of cross section.