Waste management

New generation waste management takes a new dimension with use of waste processing machines resulting in zero landfills with no pollution at least cost in comparison with existing tools, techniques and practices. IOT sensors to track the entire life-cycle for waste collection, movement and processing. The final decomposition process is pollution free and output can be economically used.


 Solution Details :

  •  State of the art waste management technology towards a cleaner and greener environment.
  •  Managing waste disposal in a faster, cheaper & cleaner way, benefiting the environment.
  •  Focusing on providing solutions for waste management, Waste disposal and waste recycling. reducing waste to landfill in an environmentally friendly manner.
  •  Save dump yard space and pollution due to land filling.
  •  Eliminate air pollution during transportation and burning.

Waste Management Technology Features

  •  Fully automatic and compact is size.
  •  Process all types of organic waste like left-overs and kitchen waste, garden waste.
  •  80-90% volume reduction of organic waste in high quality compost.
  •  Removal of compost once in 10-15 days.
  •  No addition of microorganism for composting.
  •  Noiseless, odorless, maintenance free.
  •  No harmful gases, No Pathogens.

  •  High-quality durable composting tanks.
  •  High quality stainless steel shaft and blades.
  •  High quality exterior panels.
  •  Overload protection. Door open protection.
  •  ndicator for power, heater, overload and power saving mode.

  •  No electricity or oil/fuel : Plasma heat technology.
  •  Avoids Land Fill’s : Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/200‐1/300.
  •  Low cost & less maintenance : Low cost equipment with less running cost.
  •  No need for segregation.
  •  Compact and easy for mobility.
  •  Process all types of solid waste like Waste Paper, PET Bottles, E-Waste, Municipal Waste, Tyres, Butyl Tubes, Plastic Waste, Food Waste.

  •  It eradicates all septic/poisonous substances (Example: hospital syringes, other contagious substances like virus and bacteria).
  •  The residue remains is ceramic ash. This ceramic ash can be used for various purposes. It generate magnetic substances, supports minus ION method and is safe for human health.
  •  It is a unique apparatus for garbage disposal which generates a special plasmic heat decomposition method, without using any fuel such as oil or electricity.
  •  Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/200-1/300 and the residue can be used as a by-product for improving soil conditions and can act as a disinfectant, after mixing with water.
  •  The duration of decomposition depends on the ratio of moistness of garbage. It is recommended the moistness maintained below 50%.
  •  No secondary combustion equipment required.
  •  ZERO Electricity or fuel for processing the garbage because of its unique magnetic heat decomposition system for the primary equipment and minimal electricity for the wet scrubber with built in sprinkler system.
  •  No emission of any toxic nature in spite of processing at low temperature (350C ~ 750C).
  •  Operates on low temperatures compared to incinerators which operate on high temperatures and require secondary combustion system, this technology requires no such operation and does not require higher temperatures as it has the unique feature of magnetic decomposition.