Ultrasonic Series

Used in conjunction with a water gutter to measure the flow of water in an open channel. Mainly used to measure the flow of sewage plants,Sewage discharge port of enterprises and institutions,Urbansewer.Since this meter uses ultrasonic waves

to pass through the air, it is measured in a noncontact manner.



 Ultrasonic Series Details :

    •  Product Feature :
      •  Open channel flowmete meter directly measures liquid level.
      •   For the open channel flow measurement,install the water weirs on the open channel(Rightangled triangular weir, rectangular sharp crested weir and Bachelor slots).
      •  When using an ultrasonic open channel flowmeter, it isnecessary to know the water level flow correspondence of the water level tank when installing.
      •  The liquid level height is measured according to the sound wave transmission time.
      •   The liquid level is converted into a flow rate when the water level-flow meter is checked.