Temperature &Humidity Sensor

The growth and development of plants is dependent on environment. Different plants require different temperatures and humidity levels in order to grow and flourish. With a sophisticated temperature and humidity controller and a good fog system, greenhouses can maintain temperature and humidity levels in different areas, allowing a variety of plants to live in the same environment. This saves money on water bills and helps growers produce during times of low water supply. These systems also help increase overall productivity, speeding up growing time.



 Real Time Temperature Monitoring Details :

  •  App Features:
    •  Real time Temperature Monitoring over Mobile Phone.
    •  Web based online access:
    •  User define timing intervel:
    •  Notification/Alarm over:
    •  Notification over email Id:
    •  Date-Time wise Temperature report:
    •  User define threshold setting provision(Min/Max range):
      •  Digital relative humidity & temperature sensorAM2303:
        •  High precision.
        •  Capacity type.
        •  Full range temperature compensated.
        •  Relative humidity and temperature measurement.
        •  Calibrated digital signal.
        •  Outstanding long-term stability.
        •  Extra components not needed.
        •  Long transmission distance, up to 100 meters.
        •  Low power consumption.
        •  4 pins packaged and fully interchangeable.