Soil Moisture Sensor

The soil moisture sensor uses crystal oscillator to generate high-frequency signal and transmit it to parallel metal probe.The generated signal is super imposed with the returned signal, and the soil moisture content is measured by measuring the amplitude of the signal.


 Soil Moisture Sensor details :

  •   The dielectric constant of soil increases correspondingly when the moisture content increases.
  •  the correspondence between soil dielectric constant and soil moisture, the moisture content of soil can be measured.
  •  Measuring Range is 0~100%(volumetric water content ).
  •  The simulation amount is 0 to 2.5V, 4 to 20mA ,Universal interface standard such as digital RS-485 (Modbus Protocol).
  •   Stainless steel, hard, rigid, corrosion-resistant material, can prevent bending deformation.
  •   Temperature: -30 ~ 50 ℃ / soil temperature: 0 ~ 45 ℃ / humidity: not more than 95% (40 centigrade, no condensation); under rainfall conditions can still be used normally.