Smart Electrical Wi-Fi Switch

Smart Electrical Wi-Fi Switch. Smart life for smart people – Turn your electrical appliance on/off from your android phone.


 Smart Electrical Wi-Fi Switch Solution details :

  •  Smart Electrical Switch :
    •  Can be implemented in the existing switch / junction box.
      •  Models :
        •  Fixed wall mounted.
        •  With extension chord (Plug and Play – Do It Your Self).
    •  Integrates with your existing Internet Wi-Fi router and Android phone.
    •  Easy to operate. Retro fit – No additional wiring required.
    •  Can control the power of any home appliances or main switch
    •  Track your power consumption and save energy bills.
    •  Track your power consumption and save energy bills.
    •  Schedule and schedule any appliances.
  •  Unique Smart Switch :
    •  Tamper proof.
    •  Works independent of Internet.
    •  Industrial grade – Up to 25 Amp.
    •  Extension Cords model can be used for AC in summer as well as in winter for geyser
    •  Calendar based event controlled from mobile app.