Rain Gauge

The tipping bucket rain sensor is a hydrological and meteorological instrument that measures rainfall in nature and converts rainfall into digital information output in the form of a switch to meet the needs of information transmission, processing, recording and display. The core part of the instrument has a three-dimensional streamlined design, which makes the tipping bucket more smooth

and easy to clean.



 Rain Gauge Series Details :

    •  Product Feature :
      •  High precision, good stability, small size and easy installation.
      •   Good linearity, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability.
      •  The mesh is designed at the funnel to prevent debris and other debris from blocking the downstream flow.
      •  The tipping member support system is well-made and the friction torque is small, so the tipping member is turned over sensitively, the
        performance is stable, and the work is reliable.
      •   The instrument casing is made of stainless steel, which has strong rust resistance and good appearance.