Radar Series

Handheld portable radar flowmeters can be widely used in field inspection, flood control, sewage monitoring and other fields.

Its small size and high degree ofautomation make it especially suitable for monitoring in flood seasons andemergencies.

RD-SVR-35QH portable radar flowmeter is a self-developed andproduced non-contact measuring device.

It uses Ka-band (35GHz) microwave to optimize and set the hardware, software and algorithm to ensure the equipment

can work stably in the complex environment.



 Radar Series Details :

    •  Product Feature :
      •  Real-time transfer of measured flowrate data to tablet devices via WiFi (or Bluetooth) .
      •   The APP software embedded in the tablet device can automatically convert the measured surface flow rate into the cross

        sectional flow rate.

      •  calculate the flow rate in combination with thecross-sectional area, and automatically save the encrypted file.
      •  Support multiple vertical measuring methods, in line with hydrographic specifications.
      •   In the APP software embedded in thetablet, create an independent file for each section, describe the shape and size of the section.