Radar Mud Meter

It is used to detect the distance between target and probe by electromagnetic wave.It is a non-contact mud level gauge and mud level measurement using pulse radar technology.This energy-saving, non-contact measurement technique allows radar mud level meters to be unaffected by temperature gradients, pollutants in the water, wind, rain, and sediment,so the accurate measurement results can be obtained.


 Radar Mud Meter Details :

  •  Transmitting radar pulse from radar mud level sensing antenna,the antenna receives pulses reflected from the surface of the mud,and record the time T.Since the propagation velocity of electromagnetic wave C is a constant, the distance from the mud surface D is obtained.
  •   High precision, strong anti-interference ability, not affected by temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall; installation, debugging,simple to use, low power consumption.
  •  Application,It is suitable for monitoring mud level of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, open channels and tidal water level.
  •   Signal Output is RS485/MODBUS protocol.
  •  Electric Source 6~26V DC.