Pull Rope Displacement Sensor

The pull rope displacement sensor is the smart integration of linear displacement sensor in structure. It fully combines the advantages of angle displacement sensor and linear displacement sensor,and becomes a compact sensor with compact structure,long travel distance, small installation space and high precision measurement.


 Pull Rope Displacement Sensor
details :

  •   The rope type displacement sensor is the function of the mechanical movement can be converted into electrical signal measurement, recording or transmission it.
  •   Pull rope displacement sensor is composed of stainless steel rope which stretched arounda thread on the hub,the hub is connected to a precision rotating inductor.
  •  The inductor can be an incremental encoder, an absolute (independent) encoder, a mixed or conductive plastic rotating potentiometer, a synchronizer or a parser.
  •   Pull rope displacement sensor output signal into digital signal output and analog output, digital output can choose incremental rotary encoder, absolute encoder, the output signal is a square ABZ wave signal or gray code signal.
  •  When the movement occurs, the rope stretches and contracts.