Noise Transducer

The sensor sets the microphone, preamplifier, and data acquisition card in one of the noise sensors.


 Automatic Evaporation Station details :

  •   Evaporation station system by evaporation, rain gauge, overflow bucket is a basic observation tool,Automatic collection,processing, and display of evaporation, precipitation, overflow process information, automatic control of evaporation bucket, overflow bucket supplement, drainage process.
  •  In rainy days, when the water level rises to the agreed value of evaporation (water mark line above 10 mm), the collector driven overflow pump B1.
  •  Automatic calculation of sea level pressure according to the calculation formula of sea level pressure.
  •  Automatic calculation of water vapor pressure, relative humidity, dew point temperature and all kinds of statistics.
  •   Edit and release various meteorological reports.
  •   Remote monitoring of communication network and running state.