Fixed Inclinometer

The fixed inclinometer uses a gravity accelerometer to measure the component of the earth’s gravitational force in the direction of measurement. The inclination of the two directions of x/y is measured in the same time, and the inclination direction and angle of the point can be obtained by calculation. Automatic data acquisition can be carried out by direct connection bus system.


 Fixed Inclinometer details :

  •  The guide wheel fixed inclinometer can slide in the inclinometer tube and put many branches in the same hole, so that it can monitor the horizontal inclination of a section or the whole hole at different depths. The design with the form of the guide wheel can also be conveniently recovered and replaced.
  •   It is widely used to observe the horizontal direction changes of soil slope, earth rock dam, seaside embankment, and building foundation pit, changing the way that the portable inclinometer must be monitored manually.
  •  It can achieve wireless automatic monitoring for remote areas.
  •  It is a necessary precision measuring instrument for the port, the railway, the highway, the high rise building and so on.
  •  Measuring Range is 0 ~±30°.