Domestic Pump Automation

It can maintain water level indicator for underground and overhead tank,with the help of this sensor no water wastage; no power wastage.



 Domestic Pump automation Details :

  •  RF wireless product; no need to put wire over head tank to pump controller.
  •  3V Dc is required; AA battery operated.
  •  Lighting protection.
  •  Rain fall and Environmental Heat protection.
  •  Battery life 3 to 5 yrs.
  •  No electrical shock due to less DC power.
  •  NO electricity leakage in the water tank / Pipe line.
  •  During Automatic mode you can fill the water tank with a single press; its
    automatically get turn off after refill the pump.
  •  Robust Maintenance free product, AMC not required. After 3~ 5 yrs you have
    to call us for replacement of Top TX battery.