Automatic Meteorological Station

https://www.slotsups.comAutomatic Meteorological Stations can measure various parameters automatically such as atmospheric sensors, temperature, relativehumidity, wind direction, mean wind speed, maximum wind speed, cumulative rainfall and so on.The measurement results are transformed into radio signals and then sent to the central meteorological station by 3G wireless ten reviews cell phone


 Automatic Meteorological Station details :

  •  Automatic collection of air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, evaporation, sunshine,radiation, ground temperature, etc. all or part of the meteorological elements.
  •  Input manual observation data by computer according to business requirements.
  •  Automatic calculation of sea level pressure according to the calculation formula of sea level pressure.
  •  Automatic calculation of water vapor pressure, relative humidity, dew point temperature and all kinds of statistics.
  •   Edit and release various meteorological reports.
  •   Remote monitoring of communication network and running state.