Automatic Evaporation Station

Evaporation evaporation station digital automatic meter gauge, the resolution is 0.1mm, overflow resolution is 0.025mm.It can be used to equip all kinds of water surface evaporation stations to replace the complicated artificial observation, and to realize the automatic observation otop ten reviews air conditionerf the water surface evaporation.


 Automatic Evaporation Station details :

  •   Evaporation station system by evaporation, rain gauge, overflow bucket is a basic observation tool,Automatic collection,processing, and display of evaporation, precipitation, overflow process information, automatic control of evaporation bucket, overflow bucket supplement, drainage process.
  •  In rainy days, when the water level rises to the agreed value of evaporation (water mark line above 10 mm), the collector driven overflow pump B1.
  •  Automatic calculation of sea level pressure according to the calculation formula of sea level pressure.
  •  Automatic calculation of water vapor pressure, relative humidity, dew point temperature and all kinds of statistics.
  •   Edit and release various meteorological reports.
  •   Remote monitoring of communication network and running state.